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In the engaging game Connect Image, players are presented with a unique challenge that involves assembling picture pieces onto a shadow to form a complete image. The gameplay starts with picture pieces displayed on the bottom row of the screen and a shadow at the center. The objective is to carefully place each puzzle piece onto its corresponding spot on the shadow to gradually reveal the whole picture. By selecting a puzzle piece, dragging it to the correct position, and dropping it, players can see if the piece fits well. This interactive process continues until the entire picture is successfully reconstructed, unlocking the next level automatically.

Unlike traditional picture puzzles that focus on shapes, Connect Image introduces a refreshing twist by using each piece to represent a part of the figure. This approach adds an extra layer of challenge and creativity, making the gameplay experience both enjoyable and engaging. With a total of 60 amazing and challenging levels to conquer, players can test their puzzle-solving skills and attention to detail as they progress through the game.

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