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Friends Battle Eat A Food

Friends Battle Eat A Food is a thrilling adventure game that will challenge your wits and skills. Are you ready to grow and shrink? In this exciting journey, players must be cautious about what they consume as their size depends on it. The aim is to consume as many apples as possible to grow larger before the clock runs out. As the saying goes, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" - but in this game, not all apples are beneficial.

Be mindful of the poisonous apples that can make you shrink in size. The key to victory lies in selecting the right apples to devour while avoiding the toxic ones. Challenge your friend to a competitive showdown and see who can collect the most apples and grow into a colossal giant. Catch falling apples from above and strive to outsmart your opponent in this action-packed battle of wits and strategy.

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